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Women in the Kitchen @ Lake Meadow Naturals

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For For Info and to buy Tickets please click the link below.

Outstanding in The Field @ Lake Meadow Naturals


Host Farmers: Dale Volkert & Robert Kramer, Lake Meadow Naturals, Ocoee, FL (Orlando)
Guest Chef: Ferrell Alvarez, Rooster & the Till, Tampa, FL


Birds of a feather will again flock together. We have been coming out to Dale and Robert’s Lake Meadow Naturals for some time now. It’s become a favorite tradition of our OITF winter tour. We love to celebrate charmer and farmer Dale and his fascinating work with the flock. There has been some talk about setting the table in the Lake Meadow orange grove this time, a newer addition to the farm. Could be a new tradition. Chef Ferrell has come out from Tampa to join us at several Florida locations over the years. We can't wait to raise a glass to farmer Dale with one of our very favorite chefs.

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